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Thanks to public employees

I paid my property taxes the other day. I “saved” $150, or about 3% over 2010. I could get on the bandwagon and thank Gov. Scott Walker, but I won’t. All he did was ram a bill through a friendly majority.

I will, however, thank my local teachers, educators and public workers. They are the ones who sacrificed about 10% of their middle-class incomes so I could save a few bucks. My local educators are the ones who dedicated their lives to helping me raise and educate my successful children. Sorry, but I can’t think of a single legislator who has had any impact on that effort.

The sad part is that outstanding leaders would have accomplished the same budget savings without the bullying, rancor, cost of a recall or negative publicity for Wisconsin. Most union members I know knew the state was having fiscal problems due to the recession and were willing to pay their fair share. The governor and legislators could have amended the “3.8%” law to “0%” for a year or two until things were back to normal, for example, and most would have understood.

Instead, Walker destroyed 50 years of bargaining rights legislation, gave the rich a megamillion-dollar tax break and denigrated educators and other public service workers. Now I see him on TV taking credit for saving me $150 instead of thanking our public workers for their financial sacrifice. He has no one to blame but himself for the recall effort. We deserve better leadership.

Thomas Balliet


(Source: jsonline.com)